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Novatex North America, Inc.
Novatex North America, Inc., a branch of Novatex GmbH • 1070 Faultless Drive • Ashland, Ohio 44805 • All content 2011 Novatex North America, Inc. • Mailenvelopecopy2
Manufacturer of Quality Baby Products

Novatex North America is excited to launch our newly designed website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about information or products found on this site.

Novatex North America is a family company based in Ashland, Ohio, with over twenty years' experience in creating excellent products for babies and children. From the first moments, parents can enjoy this precious time with their babies, unencumbered by safety concerns.

Trust comes from safety, and we develop our products with this in mind. To ensure safety at all times, both the manufacturing and the materials used at Novatex North America are subject to strict inspections and continuous safety control.

By working with hospitals, pediatricians and clinics, we apply the latest knowledge and research to the development of their products. As a parent, you can have confidence in Novatex, thanks to this constant research and innovation.

Naturally, all products are free from Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC and phthalates.

Novatex North America is a manufacturer of infant care products, with a concentration in baby bottle nipples and pacifiers. We provide more than 30 years of experience in rubber, plastic, and silicone component manufacturing for both infant care and medical-related applications.

Our parent company, Novatex GmbH, was founded in 1985 in Pattensen, Germany. Today, Novatex GmbH offers a full line of infant care products and distributes to more than 90 countries. Quality, integrity, and customer focus continue to be the key ingredients for success across Europe and Asia. And with our new facility in Ashland, Ohio, we are excited to bring our expertise to North America.

Our Private Label consultation team is dedicated and ready to provide the support necessary to compete in today’s market, including product pricing, design, packaging, fulfillment, retail locations, and delivery.

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