Infant Care

We believe that our partnerships in developing new products is a means for our customers to distinguish themselves from the competition. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality products and continually working with new customers to create new products that enhance the lives of babies and children.

We provide the best possible knowledge and expertise in production and distribution of infant care items. We are an ethical and morally responsible company, with a promise not to sacrifice our high quality for price.


We have made our way in this industry by holding our High Quality Standards above everything else. Our experience in Europe has allowed us to continually meet our goal of serving parents and children alike. Headquartered in Pattensen, Germany, our products are distributed world-wide under our brand name Baby-Nova, along with various other retail private label and trading brands. Our products are known for their high quality and compliance with customer demands. Our cuccess is shown through our distinguished brand throughout the world, and ever increasing sales and market share.

Trust comes from safety, and we develop our products with this in mind. To ensure safety at all times, both the manufacturing and materials used at Novatex North America are subject to strict inspections and continuous safety control.

By working with hospitals, pediatricians and clinics, we apply the latest knowledge and research to the development of their products. As a parent, you can have confidence in Novatex, thanks to this constant research and innovation.

Our facilities offer low-cost manufacturing, for efficient and cost effective production. Our manufacturing flexibility enables us to respond to the changing requirements and needs of our customers.

Resin to Customer

With an ever-changing landscape in both hospital and consumer products, learn how Novatex can help you and your company cover all business functions from high quality molding all the way to delivering a single product to your end users’ doorstep.


Product Decoration

As an ongoing key objective, Novatex constantly invests in new technologies and methods for decorating consumer products. Whatever your company’s adhesion tests require we have the ability to meet your needs.

Injection Molding

With over 13 injection presses in house and capabilities to handle multiple resins, our core competencies remain in silicone and hard plastics. 30 years of experience has given us the knowledge and comfort to take on projects with small, medium, and large scale companies.

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